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Ball Check Valve

Product introduction of ball check valve:

1.Ball check valve is a check valve with multi ball, multi channel and multi cone inverted fluid structure. It is mainly composed of front and rear valve bodies, rubber balls and cone bodies.

2.The ball makes short stroke rolling in the ball cover to realize the opening and closing of the valve.

Working principle:

1.When the water pump starts, the water rushes the rubber ball under the action of pressure to make the rubber ball roll to the right, its position is fixed by the conical body in the rear valve body, and the check valve is opened.

2.After the pump stops, the return water pressure in the pipeline system forces the rubber ball to roll to the left front valve body to close the check valve. The rubber ball adopts hollow steel ball and is attached with rubber with good elasticity, which can not only ensure sealing, but also reduce the damage to the pipeline system during valve closing.

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Product Description

Product advantages:

1. Long service life, stable operation, safe and reliable, good sealing performance;

2.The resistance coefficient is small. Because it is a spherical valve, the water flows almost straight through the valve body;

3.Good shock absorption effect and lax requirements for water quality.

Inventory and Quality Control

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Why do valves always fail?

In the whole process of design,manufacture, installation,working condition,operation and maintenance,every step should not be lax.

The valve inspection process is as follows:

1:Appearance inspection:

(1)Whether there are sand holes, cracks and other defects on the inner and outer surface of the valve body;

(2)Whether all parts of the valve are damaged, whether the valve body is marked, etc;

2:Performance test

3.Shell strength test

4.Sealing test

5.Action performance test

6.Vacuum sealing test

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