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Soft Seal Gate Valve

  • A gate valve controls the media's flow by lifting the gate (open) and lowering the gate (closed). A gate valve's distinct feature is the straight-through unobstructed passageway, which induces minimal pressure loss over the valve.

Product advantage

1.Excellent material,good sealing.

Thicken valve body valve plate,sealing surface made of stainless steel and hard alloy,long service time,not easy to corrode,good sealing.

2.Easy installation,small flow resistance.

The medium can flow in any direction to both sides,easy installation,gate valve channel is symmetrical on both sides,the medium flows in a straight line,the flow resistance is small.

3.Energy-saving operation,turbine operation

Turbine mode,360 rotation,convenient operation,time-saving,wide application range.




Product description

Nominal diameter:DN50-1200

Nominal pressure:PN10/PN16

Applicable temperature:-20~+80℃

Applicable medium:fresh water/sewage/steam etc.

Valve Stem:Stainless steel

Ram:Cast iron clad rubber

Packing:Nitrile rubber

Valve body/cover:Cast iron

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