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Stainless steel globe valve

Product introduction:

Stainless steel globe valve belongs to a kind of globe valve, because it is made of stainless steel material, so it is called stainless steel globe valve. It is mainly composed of valve body, disc, cover, stem etc. Stainless steel globe valve body material requirements are relatively high, generally 301、304、316 and several other material options.


Product features:

① The tensile strength of the valve body is 450MPa, the elongation is more than 10%, and it is not easy to crack.

② The inside and outside of the valve body are electrostatic coated with powder epoxy resin, and the thickness of spray paint is 250um to prevent corrosion and rust of the valve body.

③ The valve plate is wrapped with EPDM rubber, and the rubber is firmly connected with the valve plate.

④ The valve stem is made of 2Cr13 material and is designed with three "O" rings to reduce the friction resistance and avoid leakage.

⑤ The valve stem nut and positioning device are made of brass material, which makes the switch smooth and avoids jamming during operation.


Application scenarios:

Stainless steel globe valve series products, mainly used to cut off (or connect) pipeline medium. It is suitable for nitric acid and acetic acid in chemical industry.

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Product parameters


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Installation and maintenance

The installation and maintenance of the globe valve should pay attention to the following matters:

1. The globe valve operated by handwheel and handle can be installed in any position of the pipeline.

2. The handwheel, handle and rotating mechanism are not allowed to be used for lifting.

3. The flow direction of the medium should be consistent with the direction of the arrow shown on the valve body.

4. Regularly check the seal.

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