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Bellow Seal Globe Valve

Products introduction

Bellows globe valve is also called bellows seal globe valve. Through automatic seam welding, a metal barrier is formed between the fluid medium and the atmosphere to ensure the design of zero leakage of the valve stem.

The bellows globe valve adopts a bellows structure inside, and the lower end of the stainless steel bellows is welded to the valve stem to prevent the process fluid from eroding the valve stem. The other end is placed between the valve body and the valve cover to form a static seal. The double sealing design will avoid leakage if the bellows fails the stem packing. The bellows is welded to the valve stem to maintain stable running performance and avoid stem vibration caused by valve plug vibration. It is most suitable for pipelines of steam, flammable, explosive, heat transfer oil, high purity, toxic and other media.

  • Bellows globe valves, also known as bellows seal globe valves, it is constructed with bellows inside. The lower end of the stainless steel bellows is welded to the stem to prevent the stem from being corroded by process fluid.
  • The other end is placed between the body and the bonnet to form a static seal. The double seal design also prevents leakage if the bellows fail the stem packing.
Products advantage

1. Reasonable product structure, reliable sealing performance and beautiful appearance;

2. The sealing surface is surfacing with Co-based cemented carbide, which has good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, good friction resistance and long service life;

3. The valve stem is quenched and tempered and surface nitrided, with good anti-corrosion and anti-friction properties;

4. Double sealing of right-angle German standard bellows globe valve, more reliable performance;

5. The valve stem lift position indication is more intuitive;

6. Parts material, flange and butt welding number and size can be reasonably selected according to actual working conditions or user requirements to meet various engineering needs.




Product Parameters

The above data is for reference only, please contact us for more details.


Bellows sealed globe valves are suitable for applications where valve leakage is not tolerated. For example, heat transfer oil, toxic, flammable, high permeability, environmental pollution and radioactive fluid pipeline eliminate the risk of process fluid leakage.

It can be considered a high quality product, creating a leak free safety factory.

Quality control steps
  • 1.Parts inspection:make sure every components has good guarantee.
  • 2.Tightness inspection: make sure the sealing of bellows globe valve.
  • 3.Whole product inspection and test.
  • (1)before assembly:remove the burr of all parts , clean all parts and the inner cavity of the valve body.
  • (2)after assembly:Whole product inspection and test.
If the test results meet the requirements, the whole bellows globe valve is qualified.


Analysis of leakage reason of bellows seal globe valve:

NO1.It is because the liquid medium contains solid impurities that damage the sealing surface and cause failure.

NO2.Tensile elongation and compression of the bellows valve can contribute to leakage. If tension or compression exceeds the limit, the bellows may be damaged, resulting in small series hose rupture, seal failure.

NO3.The connecting thread of sealing ring, screw and pressure ring are loose. The sealing ring is not tightened or corroded, the sealing ring is welded on the valve body, and the surfacing quality is poor.

The installation and maintenance of stop valve should pay attention to the following matters:

1.The hand wheel and handle operated stop valve can be installed at any position of the pipeline.

2.Hand wheel, handle and rotating mechanism are not allowed for lifting.

3.The flow direction of the medium shall be consistent with the arrow direction shown on the valve body.

4.Check the seal regularly.

What can we do for you?

一:For engineering customers

1.provide solutions(According to customer needs)Meet the working conditions

2.Provide drawings/technical support/ installation maintenance

3.Competitive price

二:for Dealer customers

1.Competitive price

2.Customized service(OEM/ODM/Productcatalog/ technical information, packing plan)

3.Visual production

4.Timely delivery

5.Payment method (TT, LC, etc. are acceptable)

6.Large quantity is preferred


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