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Stainless Steel Diaphragm Control Valve

Product introduction:

It consists of two main assemblies: valve body assembly and actuator assembly (or actuator system), which are divided into four series: single-seat series control valve, double-seat series control valve, sleeve series control valve and self-operated Type series control valve. Variations of the four types of valves can lead to many different applicable configurations, each with its own specific applications, features, advantages and disadvantages. While some control valves are used in a wider range of applications than others, control valves are not suitable for all applications to work together to create the best solution for enhanced performance and reduced cost.

1. There are various types of control valves, and their applicable occasions are different. Therefore, the type of control valve should be reasonably selected according to the requirements of the technological production process.

2. Pneumatic control valves are divided into two types: air-on and air-off. The air-to-open control valve is closed in the fault state, and the air-to-close control valve is opened in the fault state. Some auxiliary equipment can be used to form a retaining valve or make the control valve self-locking, that is, the control valve maintains the valve opening before the failure when the fault occurs.

3. The way of air opening and air closing can be realized by the combination of positive and negative actuator types and positive and negative valves. When using a valve positioner, it can also be realized by a valve positioner.

4. Various control valves have different structures and have their own characteristics.

Product parameters:

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The importance of folding control valve selection

The regulating valve is the actuator in the automatic control system, and its application quality is directly reflected in the regulating quality of the system. As a terminal element in process control, people have a newer understanding of its importance than in the past. In addition to the quality of the product itself, whether the user has correctly installed, used, and maintained, the correct calculation and selection of the control valve are very important. Due to the error of calculation and selection, the system starts and stops, and some even cannot be put into use. Therefore, users and system designers should recognize the importance of the valve on site, and must pay enough attention to the selection of the control valve.

Principles of selection of folding control valves

1. According to the process conditions, select the appropriate structural form and material.

2. According to the characteristics of the process object, select the flow characteristics of the control valve.

3. According to the process operation parameters, select the appropriate size of the control valve caliber.

4. According to the requirements of the process, select the required auxiliary devices.

5. Reasonable selection of implementing agencies. The response speed of the actuator should be able to meet the process.


The hydraulic water level control valve has the function of automatically opening and closing the valve pipeline to control the water level. It is suitable for the automatic water supply system of various water towers (pools) in industrial and mining enterprises and civil buildings, and can be used as a circulating water supply control valve for atmospheric boilers. This valve is small in size , Easy installation, high activation sensitivity, small head loss, no water hammer phenomenon, controlled by small floating balls can greatly improve the utilization rate of the water tower, for new water towers, due to the reduction in the volume of the floating balls, the upper part of the water tower is left to the required height for free floating of the floating balls It can reduce the cost of the water tower and overcome the disadvantages of the old-fashioned rod float valve, such as large volume, easy damage, low working pressure, and a large amount of overflowing water.

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