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Wafer Check Valve

Product description
  • Check valve is an automatic valve, also known as check valve, one-way valve, return valve or isolation valve.
  • The medium flows in from the inlet end (lower side) and flows out from the outlet end (upper side). When the inlet pressure is greater than the disc weight and its flow resistance, the valve is opened. On the contrary, the valve will be closed when the medium flows back.
Wafer type butterfly check valve

Applicable medium: water, oil and weak corrosive medium

valve body:ductile iron, carbon steel, stainless steel (optional)

valve plate:ductile iron, SS304, SS316 (optional)

Gasket ring:EPDM/nitrile rubber

spring:nickel alloys

Characteristics of wafer type butterfly check valve

1.Small size, light weight, compact structure and convenient maintenance

2.The valve plate adopts dual type, which can automatically close quickly under the elastic force of spring.

3.Because of the quick closing effect, the medium can be prevented from flowing backwards.

4.The valve body has small length and good rigidity.

5.Safe and convenient, and can be used for horizontal and vertical installation

Our advantanges:

1.Excellent material selection: Excellent ductile iron, carbon steel, stainless steel 304,316 and other materials are selected for the valve body. Nickel alloy is selected for the spring, which has good corrosion resistance, high temperature stability and stable torque.

2.Seiko production: Precision casting of valve body, secondary polishing, fine appearance without trachoma; The butterfly plate is ground to increase the sealing performance with the valve body.

3.Good sealing performance: The sealing surface is line sealing, which has good sealing performance.

Product parameters

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The quality inspection process of the check valve is as follow:

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