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Triple offset flanged butterfly valve

about triple offset butterfly valve

The triple offset high performance butterfly valve, has three offsets from the centre. The third offset is the elliptical seat geometry. This along with the two eccentric shaft offsets, allows the disc to seal against the seat with no friction.

This seat design allows for uniform sealing, and thus bi-directional tightness at maximum differential pressure.

This triple eccentric design is a lower cost, lower torque option than alternative style metal seated valves. It is low maintenance and offers an extended valve life.

Triple Offset: The third offset is the geometry design of the sealing components. The sealing components are each machined into an offset conical profile resulting in a right-angled cone, which ensures friction-free stroking throughout its operating cycle.


1.they seal metal-on–metal without friction.

2.They are also more resistant to temperature changes.

3.Triple offset butterfly valves have a much lower risk of leakage than other valves.

The difference between double offset and triple offset:

1.Double offset valves have low seat friction, whereas triple offset valves have very low friction.

2.The seat is triple offset valves last longer than the double offset seat.

3.Triple offset valves are often used in severe and critical applications, while double offset valves are used for on, off, and throttling functions.


The triple offset butterfly valve is used in critical demanding applications in:

1.Oil & Gas (Offshore FPSO, fixed platforms and LNG carriers)

2.Oil & Gas (Onshore Refinery, storage and distribution)


4.Power Generation

5.Process & Chemicals

6.Water & Wastewater Treatment


Product parameters:

valve body:WCB

Valve seat:430+Graphite

butterfly disc:WCB

valve shaft:2Cr13





Valve body:CI/DI/WCB/CF8/CF8M/Bronze

Valve seat:NBR/EPDM/SI/PTFE/VITON/Wearresistance/Heat resistance/Food grade EPDM

butterfly disc:DI/WCB/CF8/CF8M/C954

valve shaft:45/420/304/316


Executive standard:

Design and manufacture:GB/T 12238

Face to face length:GB/T 12221

Pressure test:GB/T 13927

Top flange:ISO 5211

End flange:GB/T 17241.6

Flange butterfly valve series:

Check before installation:

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