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telescopic flanged butterfly valve

Introduction of flange telescopeic butterfly valve:

this telescopic butterfly valve is the combination of flange butterfly valveand pipe expansion piece , which not only can regulate the flow , also canstretch and eliminate the internal force generated by the temperaturedifference . This kind of butterfly can be installed in any direction , withoutthe effect of medium and flow direction , and can also regulate thedistance between two flanges.

Simply speaking, the telescopic flange butterfly valve is an extended flange butterfly valve, that is the telescopic flange butterfly valve is more flexible in usage, and the length can be adjusted freely to connect the pipeline, and the operation flexibility is stronger.

advantage of flange telescopic butterfly valve:

Flange telescopic butterfly valve , not only for the valve disassembly and assembly to bring convenience. And can relieve the pipeline stress, protect the valve. At the same time, it also concentrates the installation method of butterfly valve and telescopic device making the space more compact. In general, this kind of valve does not need special maintenance. Only to regularly observe the expansion part of the leakage and the phenomenon such as pulling off.

If the butterfly valve sealing part is damage and can not replace the seal ring to scrap the butterfly valve. Even the expansion part together scrap, the loss is greater. Such as butterfly valve sealing part of the need to maintain, only by compressed telescopic part is unable to realize the valve open online free maintenance. And installation of butterfly valve and expansion has a great advantage, only lending expansion, namely have artificial maintenance space, free open the valve maintenance.


 flange telescopic butterfly valve suitable for temperature ≤80℃, used for petroleum, chemical food and medicine textile, papermaking, electricity, water supply and drainage, gas pipeline, for regulating the flow rate and blocking the role of media. It has the function of compensating pipe expansion and cold contraction. Novel design, reasonable, unique structure, light weight, easy to operate, quick to close.

Product parameters:

valve body:DI

Valve seat:EPDM

butterfly disc:DI

valve shaft:45





Valve body:CI/DI/WCB/CF8/CF8M/Bronze

Valve seat:NBR/EPDM/SI/PTFE/VITON/Wearresistance/Heat resistance/Food grade EPDM

butterfly disc:DI/WCB/CF8/CF8M/C954

valve shaft:45/420/304/316


Executive standard:

Design and manufacture:GB/T 12238

Face to face length:GB/T 12221

Pressure test:GB/T 13927

Top flange:ISO 5211

End flange:GB/T 17241.6

Flange butterfly valve series:

Check before installation:

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