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Electric flanged butterfly valve

electric butterfly valve:

The electric butterfly valve is composed of an electric actuator and butterfly valve, so it has the advantages of easy operation and simple structure commonly seen in sanitary butterfly valve. It can also be widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industries. And because of the electric actuator, the development of the butterfly valve reaches a new level.

How does an electric butterfly valve work?:

The valve stem is driven by electric devices, which makes the butterfly plate rotate 90 degrees to open or close the valve.

Product advantages:

1.Heavy body,the thickness of valve body meets the requirements of GB26640 to ensure bearing strength.

2.epoxy coating, spray thickness up to 250um.Strong adhesion.

3.import EPDM rubber material. 50 percent rubber content, Stable and small torque, zero leakage after open and close more than 10000 times .

4.Wider rubber seat,wider contact surface with flange.better sealing performance.

5.Each valve will be wasted by ultrasonic cleaner before packing, Remove dirt and granularities from valve body. Prevent the valve itself from coordinating the media in pipes.

Product parameters:

valve body:DI

Valve seat:EPDM

butterfly disc:DI

valve shaft:45





Valve body:CI/DI/WCB/CF8/CF8M/Bronze

Valve seat:NBR/EPDM/SI/PTFE/VITON/Wearresistance/Heat resistance/Food grade EPDM

butterfly disc:DI/WCB/CF8/CF8M/C954

valve shaft:45/420/304/316


Executive standard:

Design and manufacture:GB/T 12238

Face to face length:GB/T 12221

Pressure test:GB/T 13927

Top flange:ISO 5211

End flange:GB/T 17241.6

Flange butterfly valve series:

Check before installation:

What can we do for you?

一:For engineering customers

1.provide solutions(According to customer needs)Meet the working conditions

2.Provide drawings/technical support/ installation maintenance

3.Competitive price

二:for Dealer customers

1.Competitive price

2.Customized service(OEM/ODM/Productcatalog/ technical information, packing plan)

3.Visual production

4.Timely delivery

5.Payment method (TT, LC, etc. are acceptable)

6.Large quantity is preferred


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