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H44W Stainless steel swing check valve

Product introduction of swing check valve:

Swing check valve, also known as check valve, is a one-way valve used to prevent medium backflow in one-way flow pipeline. It can open or close the valve by itself depending on the pressure of medium flow in pipeline . It is one of the commonly used valves.

Working principle of H44W stainless steel swing check valve:

1.The disc and rocker of the swing check valve are connected together, and can rotate around the pin shaft at a certain angle. When the pipeline fluid flows in the specified direction (from left to right), the inlet pressure of the disc is higher than the outlet pressure. At this time, the disc is pushed away from the seat and rotates around the pin shaft at a certain position, and the valve is in the open state. When the pressure difference on both sides of the valve disc decreases to a certain value, the valve disc falls and returns to the closed state.

2.When the fluid flows from right to left, that is, reverse flow, the pressure on the right side of the disc is higher than that on the left side, and the force generated by the pressure difference on both sides will press the disc on the valve seat. If the fluid can not pass through, the medium can not flow back, and the greater the fluid pressure is, the tighter the sealing surface is, the better the sealing effect.

Product advantages of swing check valve:

1.Small volume and light weight.

2.Valve disc close quickly, water hammer pressure is small.

3.Horizontal or vertical pipe can be used, easy to install.

4.The flow channel is smooth and the fluid resistance is small.

5.Good sealing performance.

6.Valve disc stroke is short, valve closing impact force is small.

7.Long service life and high reliability.

technical parameter of swing check valve:

The above data is for reference only, please contact us for more details.

The quality inspection process of the check valve is as follow:

1.appearance inspection test

3.sealing test

4.valve body mark inspection

5.check the contents of the name plate

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