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WCB Wafer Knife Gate Valve


Product Description of PZ73X WCB wafer knife gate valve:


Name:WCB Wafer Knife Gate Valve





Actuator:DI Handwheel


Product introduction:

Knife gate valve is also called knife gate valve, slurry valve and mud valve.

1.Its opening and closing part is the gate. The movement direction of the gate is perpendicular to the fluid direction.

2.It can cut off the medium by the blade gate which can cut the fiber material. It is the preferred valve product for slurry, pulp and fiber medium pipeline.

3.It is widely used in conveying coal slurry, mineral slurry and papermaking slag slurry pipeline.


PZ73X WCB wafer knife gate valve features:

1.Simple structure, small volume, light weight and easy installation.

2.The valve stem is equipped with a bearing with a safety dust cover to reduce friction and prevent deformation.

3.The sealing surface adopts hard sealing structure, which has the characteristics of wear resistance.

In the environment of slurry and particles, it has a lifting ram sealing surface, which can scrape out the dirt on the sealing surface and automatically remove the debris.


Parameter information/Executive standard/Optional about PZ73X WCB wafer knife gate valve:


Technical parameter of PZ73X WCB wafer knife gate valve:


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Product Inventory:


Installation instructions:

1.Before installing the knife gate valve, check the valve cavity and sealing surface, and no dirt or sand particles are allowed to adhere.

2.The bolts of each connecting part shall be tightened evenly.

3.Check the packing position to ensure the tightness of the packing and the flexible opening of the ram.

4.Before installing the valve, the user must check the valve model, connection size and medium flow direction to ensure the consistency with the valve requirements.

5.When installing the valve, the user must reserve the necessary space for valve driving.

6.The wiring of driving device shall be carried out according to the circuit diagram.

7.The knife gate valve must be maintained regularly, and it is not allowed to collide and squeeze at will, so as not to affect the sealing.


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