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Butterfly valve for underground pipe network

Butterfly valve, also known as flap valve, is a simple control valve.

It can be used to control the flow of air, water, steam, various corrosive media, mud, oil, liquid metal and radioactive medium. It is mainly used to cut off and throttle the pipeline.

The opening and closing part of butterfly valve is a disc-shaped butterfly plate, which rotates around its own axis in the valve body, so as to achieve the purpose of opening and closing or adjustment.


Advantages of butterfly valve:

1.It is easy to open and close, labor-saving, low fluid resistance, and can be operated frequently.

2.It has the advantages of simple structure, small volume and light weight.

3.It can transport mud and store the least liquid at the pipe mouth.

4.Under low pressure, good sealing can be achieved.

5.Good regulation performance.

Technical parameter of butterfly valve for underground pipe network:




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Flange butterfly valve series:

Inventory and Quality Control

class= class=

Why do valves always fail?

In the whole process of design,manufacture, installation,working condition,operation and maintenance,every step should not be lax.

The valve inspection process is as follows:

1:Appearance inspection:

(1)Whether there are sand holes, cracks and other defects on the inner and outer surface of the valve body;

(2)Whether all parts of the valve are damaged, whether the valve body is marked, etc;

2:Performance test

3.Shell strength test

4.Sealing test

5.Action performance test

6.Vacuum sealing test

Quality control steps

1.Parts inspection Make sure every components has good guarantee.

2.Tightness inspection Make sure the sealing of butterfly valve.

3.Whole product inspection and test.

(1)Before assembly:remove the burr of all parts,clean all parts and the inner cavity of the valve body. (2)After assembly:whole product inspection and test .if the test results meet the requirements,the whole butterfly valve is qualified. class= class=

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